The FURNIR-FIX company was established in 1999.

At the beginning of its operation FURNIR-FIX d.o.o. faced many limitations and therefore the production was confined to 150m² of work space and the productivity was limited. But this did not stop the company to grow into an enterprise which will be renown for its quality, speed and special business.

From the very beginning of operation 90% of company’s products were shipped out to international market, in the form of loan business. This means that FURNIR-FIX d.o.o. succeeded in meeting rigorous demands of German furniture industry. As the new business ventures were realized in 2001 a new segment in combined veneer market was overtaken the auto industry. In 2001 the company receives first orders from German auto industry. It is a well known fact that only the selected companies are entrusted with processing expensive precious veneer for renown car makers such as BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi etc.

As some of the jobs got realized successfully the company was forced to invest in infrastructure and production. The company currently has at its disposal the last generation machines for processing.



Furnir-Fix d.o.o.
Brijesnica Mala
74206 Brijesnica
Doboj Istok
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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