Fleece on the back of the veneer transforms ordinary veneer to fleeced spliced veneer. Under high pressure and temperature fleece and veneer are combined regardless of the size of the veneer. This makes for a more stable material which is easier manipulated than ordinary veneer. It is important to say that by using this process the root veneer becomes flat and less breakable.

The weight of the fleece and the type of glue determine stability, firmness, and resistance of the fleeced spliced veneer to moisture and heat.

Fleeced spliced veneer features:

- Easy to shape
- Easier and simpler processing
- Increases durability and resistance of veneer
- Can be glued to any surface or material
- All connected veneer can be litho-laminated
- Special connected veneer becomes easier to process after litho-laminating
- Simplifies the making of marquetry


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